Software Development

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Keeping ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world, requires careful and concise optimization of business processes. This enables improved customer service and increased efficiency ultimately leading to additional turnover and profit.

The best way to achieve this is by implementing bespoke software solutions that have been specifically designed and developed for your processes. This gives you much more flexibility than packaged software and can be modified and changed over time as your requirements and business practices change. Whether you are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency within your organisation or expand and grow your business we're here to work with you to develop a bespoke software solution fitting your requirements exactly.


How We Work

To ensure success requires both expertise in understanding your business processes combined with a proven product and technical knowledge.

Our software development process begins with a free initial consultation where we will work with you to define your individual business requirements. From that point, we are able to build software and database systems which help you move on with your business, in many cases automating or even removing processes which no longer require any user input. Our developers have the skills to build desktop, web-based or mobile software solutions to suit your individual business needs. Whether you need software developed for secure internal use only or if you want something that will be used by millions of consumers, we can design and build a system for you.

Systems Analysis & Design
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Paramount to the success of any software implementation is the analysis and design phase. We strive to develop systems capable of not only delivering the exact functionality to meet your present requirements, but to provide a stable and robust platform allowing any future expansions to be easily implemented as your business dictates. By designing around your immediate requirements in relation to the long term strategy of your company, we deliver systems capable of growing with your company.

Systems Architecture
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We always strive to ensure all of our systems are of a modular architecture, treating the individual components as separate entities, being capable of upgrade and enhancement external to other system modules. This brings provides a much more dynamic nature to your systems, facilitating expansion and re-shaping as simply as possible.

Systems Integration, Migration & Re-Engineering
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In an ideal world, it is always easier to build a system entirely from scratch. In the real world, this is generally never the case. As your IT infrastructure evolves it is often the case legacy or 3rd party systems will need to be integrated into new systems simply as a matter of their intrinsic nature into your organization or the lack of benefit to your business in having them reworked. We have a great experience of integration with technologies ranging from telephone exchanges and onsite PABXs to antiquated billing systems and data technologies. Due to the modular architecture employed by our solutions, where possible we will develop wrapping technology y to your legacy systems, allowing us to handle them within a solution intrinsically. As your business grows it is often the case old or outgrown technology requires updating and rescaling. We have a vast experience of reworking such systems and the associated data migration that is often required as a result of this reworking.

Software Maintenance & Support
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With all of our software developments, we can provide full system support packages, tailored to suit your exact support requirements. Ensuring any system downtime is always kept to an absolute minimal. Any system updates are delivered in a controlled and coordinated fashion, keeping the functionality of your business at the forefront of any activity at all time.

Product Development
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We have assisted a number of companies in the development of new products into the market place, developing software solutions required to drive the products or in some cases where the software is the end user product. We understand the processes involved in bringing an idea from a concept to the market place, we can help you develop the specific software required as part of your product, assisting you and working with you throughout the development process.

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